Friday, February 23, 2018

EISC Contracting Services

EISC software consulting service is structured to work alone or in conjunction with EISC products, and includes (but is not limited to) development and consulting experience in the following areas:

SCADA/LIMS Integration

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
A large majority of laboratories utilize an “off-the-shelf” LIMS. This provides a basic laboratory flow of sample tracking, analytical processing, and data reporting. However, this type of system software may not provide the flexibility needed for customization that addresses individual laboratory processes, laboratory flows, and management style. As a result, the creation of substantial bottlenecks and tracking obstacles may occur during times of peak performance.

EISC provides software development services (for projects of any size) that remove these bottlenecks, directly increasing both productivity and quality.

EISC’s LIMS experience includes (but is not limited to): instrument uploads, result calculations, result reporting, sample tracking, sample login, statusing, work in progress, analytical backlogs, EDD generation, LIMS interface to government agency systems (Air Force’s IRPMIS, Army’s IRDMIS, Navy CLEAN, DOE’s DEEMS), financial reporting, quality assurance (Good Automated Laboratory Practices), marketing (quote generation, production analysis of sales staff, historic sales data by category), project initiation communication, and management systems.

General Data Management & Software Development
Peak productivity periods can sometimes overwhelm computer staffs with data processing and/or project specific software development. EISC offers services that alleviate this workload, providing a successful outcome to any project.

Furthermore, many times a company accepts a project that is dissimilar and/or possesses data requirements external to, or incompatible with, your information system (IRDMIS, IRPMIS, DEEMS, Navy CLEAN, COELT). EISC has the experience and capabilities to develop the interface between such systems and a client’s individual information system.

Instrument Interfaces
EISC develops software to parse or interface most instrument (field and lab) data into workable data formats (databases, spreadsheets) that provide the processing and/or presentation of data in an efficient manner. These interfaces also possess the capabilities to remove extensive manual processes that require time and personnel.

Data Validation
EISC develops validation and audit systems designed for incorporation within your company’s routine QA/QC procedures, and that seek and identify questionable or out-of criteria data, effectively eliminating the risk of fraud.


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