Friday, February 23, 2018

Staged Electronic Data Deliverable

SEDD (Staged Electronic Data Deliverable) is an electronic data reporting format that can meet multiple Agency needs thus reducing the number of Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats laboratories have to support. SEDD uses XML as the basis of the reporting format. SEDD is implemented in Stages allowing laboratories to meet multiple program EDD needs without having to overhaul their EDD producing systems as agency or program needs change. EPA ASB and offices from the US Army Corps of Engineers are working with other Federal agencies, laboratories, LIMS vendors and Information Management companies to further develop and implement SEDD.

EISC’s systems are fully compliant with all levels of the upcoming SEDD deliverable. With the ability to produce any type of client specific or regulatory electronic data deliverables in an instant, EISC’s systems and services can provide a seamless SEDD deliverable from your laboratory or engineering firm. And, whether SEDD or any other EDD your lab is producing, EISC has the solutions to automate the entire process.

You can relax knowing that when SEDD becomes published, EISC systems are ready to produce your deliverables when you are. For more information on SEDD, visit the EPA’s website on SEDD at


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