Friday, February 23, 2018

EISC Review and Reporting Suite (R&R Suite)

EISC’s R&R Suite is key to lab productivity because it bridges the functionality gap that exists between the analytical instrument raw data and the information that is delivered to the lab’s internal and external clients. An automatic interface with any and all instruments, as well as, third party informatics, creates a seamless process workflow that integrates all data to a central point for automated quality assurance, analytical production, report generation, and/or electronic transfer of the information within the lab and across industries.

Just minutes to results and deliverable.  The entire process from instrument raw data to information delivery can be performed in just five steps, taking minutes versus hours, transforming the lab by exponentially increasing its analytical production.

EISC’s R&R Suite can also be divided into three sections: 1) instrument interface and result review; 2) automated quality assurance; and 3) deliverable. Utilize any or all sections to maximize your lab’s data efficiency. Whether it’s automatic instrument interfaces, quality assurance, and/or any type of deliverable, the R&R Suite provides a solution to lab data automation for every lab.


  • Seamless instrument and informatics integration
  • Immediate automation of quality assurance
  • Immediate and significant increase in analytical production
  • Improved communication of analytical issues and results throughout the laboratory and to lab clients
  • Speed to deliverable (minutes vs. hours)
  • Modular and scalable approach
  • Delivered production ready via the Internet
  • Vendor and industry neutral solution

Download a printable product sheet for EISC’s Review & Reporting Suite. (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader, a free program available from the Adobe web site.)




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