Friday, February 23, 2018

Metals Analytical Review & Reporting System™

Seamless Lab Data Integation and Automation for Inorganic Analytical Laboratories
The Metals Analytical Review & Reporting System (MARRS™) is one of the five scalable modules within EISC’s Analytical Review & Reporting Suite (R&R Suite). MARRS™ provides an immediate solution to one of the key problems facing all labs: bridging the functionality gap between instrument raw data and information delivery. MARRS™ is flexible informatics software that allows laboratories to immediately automate quality assurance and increase analytical production. It provides a seamless, universal connectivity platform that assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical instrument data into comprehensive analytical information. Basically, the vendor and industry neutral software integrates inorganic instrumentation to a single point for data handling, automates the quality assurance, then assimilates and transforms the data into information for the lab’s internal and/or external clients … all in one transparent automated process, regardless of the industry.

Introduction to MARRS™
MARRS™ is a flexible and fully integrated informatics modular solution for automated validation, review, and reporting of complex analytical inorganic datasets produced by quality and production focused laboratories.

Who should consider MARRS™?
All inorganic analytical laboratories focused on quality assurance with the need to increase analytical production to increase revenue and/or decrease costs. This commonly includes all inorganic analytical laboratories involved in a number of industries; commercial, contract, environmental, food safety, health and safety, water, waste, metallurgy, manufacturing, petrochemical, clinical, air, radiation, pharmaceutical, forensics … If your inorganic lab desires streamlined data validation, quality assurance, seamless laboratory information management (LIMS) linkage, and reporting MARRS™ could be the ideal solution. In addition, EISC R&R Suite is modular and scalable to encompass both the entire laboratory or just specific areas of the lab. The EISC R&R Suite consists of the Metals, General Chemistry, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles, and Pesticide/PCB Analytical Review and Reporting Systems.
The EISC R&R Suite Suite modularity is also ideal as a direct reporting system for mobile labs or small independent labs when a LIMS is not present.

Manage Regulatory, Method, and Client Requirements
All laboratory requirements to process analytical results are entirely managed by the laboratory. A laboratory can self-define and manage Methods, Reporting Lists, QC Criteria, Truevalues, Review and Qualifiers, Calculations, Significant Figures, Matrices … and much more. The laboratory has complete control to manage and combine regulatory, method, and client requirements in processing all types of analytical results. All sample types and requirements can be processed within MARRS™ (Tunes, Calibrations, Instrument QC, Preparation QC, Field QC, Client Samples …)

Seamless Instrument Integration to All Instruments
MARRS™ is vendor neutral software that immediately automates and integrates all laboratory instrumentation and informatics data to one central point, creating a seamless process analytical work flow.

Automated Validation, Quality Assurance, and Communication
MARRS™ automates the laboratory’s analytical validation and Quality Assurance Plan for all sample types using self-definable regulatory, method, and client requirements. Qualification and review is also self-definable and managed by the lab. Communication of analytical issues and manipulations can be communicated throughout the laboratory for Quality Assurance oversight both automatically and with analytical comment. Result qualification can be communicated internally and/or externally to the laboratory’s client.

Configurable Reporting, Data Output, Control Charts
Tailored report formats can be created in addition to numerous standard reports that are provided. For example, Public Health, EPA, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR), State Reports, FDA, USDA, and many more, … are available to print or stored/sent electronically. Electronic Data Deliverables and Control Charting data is also available with the system.

LIMS Linkage
For labs that do operate with a LIMS, MARRS™ provides the ideal link between instruments and the LIMS. Following full automated validation and quality assurance, processed data can be seamlessly transferred in the LIMS for additional use and reporting. The LIMS linkage is also two-way, so data available from other departments can be used by MARRS™ to remove all manual or duplication entry. MARRS™ works entirely within the labs existing process flow without requiring the laboratory to deviate from its core competence.

Implementation and Support
MARRS™ can be self-implemented, but full training and implementation support and consultation is provided via telephone and internet by the EISC support team.


  • Seamless instrument & informatics integration (all)
  • Immediate automation of Quality Assurance
  • Immediate and significant increase in analytical production
  • Speed to deliverable (minutes vs. hours)
  • Communicates analytical issues and results throughout the laboratory and to the lab’s clients.
  • Modular and scalable approach
  • Delivered production ready via the internet
  • Vendor and industry neutral solution
  • Ensures data quality and integrity

About EISC
EISC is an international provider of scientific application software that specializes in laboratory data integration and automation. EISC’s seamless, universal, connectivity platform assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical instrument data into comprehensive analytical information. EISC was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

Download a printable product sheet for EISC’s Metals Analytical Review & Reporting System. (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader, a free program available from the Adobe web site.)


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