Friday, February 23, 2018

EISC Products

R&R Suite
The “Five Step-Seven Minute” solution for the entire lab. The Analytical Review and Reporting Suite (R&R Suite) is the only scalable, customizable software suite for lab data production.  Its five step-seven minute process provides automatic analytical review and any client specific or regulatory reporting requires no change to your lab’s current analytical process. Increase production, ensure data quality and integrity, and eliminate manual entry, “re-work” and backlog. [More]

The Metals Analytical Review & Reporting System (MARRS™) is one of the five scalable modules within EISC’s Analytical Review & Reporting Suite (R&R Suite). MARRS™ provides an immediate solution to one of the key problems facing all labs: bridging the functionality gap between instrument raw data and information delivery. MARRS™ is flexible informatics software that allows laboratories to immediately automate quality assurance and increase analytical production. It provides a seamless, universal connectivity platform that assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical instrument data into comprehensive analytical information. Basically, the vendor and industry neutral software integrates inorganic instrumentation to a single point for data handling, automates the quality assurance, then assimilates and transforms the data into information for the lab’s internal and/or external clients … all in one transparent automated process, regardless of the industry. [More]

MARRS Assurance
MARRS™ Assurance is patented security software for achieving compliance with electronic regulatory standards, such as 21 CFR Part 11, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Automated Laboratory Practices (GALP), and more. MARRS™ Assurance automatically integrates with any instrument and throughout the entire lab, providing the capability for laboratories to personalize the software in order to meet their lab’s dynamic security needs.[More]

Instrument Automation
The EISC LIMS Auto Sampler System provides an immediate solution to one of unrecognized key time savers facing all labs:  Automating the population of Instrument Auto Samplers directly from a Laboratory Information Management Systems backlog.  Thus, removing the manual entry of Sample ID and sample information into the instrument software.  The EISC LIMS Auto Sampler System is flexible informatics software that allows laboratories to immediately automate the transfer of their LIMS backlog and batches to the instrument software.  Basically, the vendor and industry neutral software integrates all lab instrumentation that can be populated with an electronic transfer from your LIMS. [More]

Electronic Data Deliverable System
The EISC EDD Generator system provides laboratories with the ability to create, manage, and generate EDDs without IT staff involvement or development.   With the EDD Generator system, EDD generation becomes part of the laboratory production process flow which in turn can be managed and quantified with enhanced quality. [More]

Electronic Data Validation
The only electronic data validation software system with full-level validation capabilities. The most efficient solution to automate the labor-intensive data validation process. [More]

State Reporting System
The EISC State Reporting System product solution is a software system that facilitates the communication of analytical results to State required forms for monitoring of State Drinking Water facilities meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). [More]

Discharge Monitoring Report System
The EISC Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) System product solution is a software system that facilitates the communication of analytical results to Discharge Monitoring Reports for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). [More]

Staged Electronic Data Deliverable
SEDD (Staged Electronic Data Deliverable) is an electronic data reporting format that can meet multiple Agency needs thus reducing the number of Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats laboratories have to support. SEDD uses XML as the basis of the reporting format. SEDD is implemented in Stages allowing laboratories to meet multiple program EDD needs without having to overhaul their EDD producing systems as agency or program needs change. EPA ASB and offices from the US Army Corps of Engineers are working with other Federal agencies, laboratories, LIMS vendors and Information Management companies to further develop and implement SEDD. [More]

Request a Demo
EISC now offers a free demo of its Analytical Review & Reporting Software Suite (R&R Suite). Choose from Metals, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles/HPLC, or Pesticides/PCBs.   [More]


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