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EISC’s Paul Banfer to Speak at 2010 Eastern Analytical Symposium on November 17th

November 12, 2010

Las Vegas, NV: Paul Banfer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EISC Lab Data Automation, an international life sciences informatics company, will be a featured speaker on behalf of Thermo Scientific at the Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) on November 17th at the Garden State Exhibit & Convention Center in Somerset, NJ.


EAS is held annually to provide professional scientists and students with continuing education in the analytical and allied sciences through the presentation of symposia of papers, workshops, and short courses.

Banfer’s talk, part of Thermo-Scientific’s “Analysis of Metal Impurities According to Proposed New USP Chapters” presentation, will cover how EISC’s MARRS™ Assurance software works in any lab environment to meet the proposed USP regulations.

MARRS™ Assurance is patented security software for lab compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 that can be seamlessly integrated with any instrument and throughout the entire lab.

“It has the unique and dynamic capability to extend the compliance to the actual use of the data,” said Banfer. “This provides a defensibility mechanism for quality assurance to ensure that results used in decisions and studies have the utmost supportive quality.”

Banfer’s presentation will take place in the Davis Room from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

About EISC Lab Data Automation
EISC is an international life sciences informatics company providing patented scientific software solutions for laboratory data automation.  Its universal connectivity platform automatically assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical instrument data into comprehensive analytical information throughout a variety of industries. EISC bridges the functionality gap that exists between the analytical instrument raw data and the information that is delivered to the lab’s internal and external client. EISC systems automatically interface with all instruments and third party informatics to create a seamless process workflow that emphasizes data quality and speed to deliverable.

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