Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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EISC Offers R&R Suite Limited Trial Version

Las Vegas — EISC, a scientific software development company, now offers a Limited Trial Version Versionversion of its Analytical Review & Reporting Software Suite (R&R Suite) for Metals, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles/HPLC, or Pesticide/PCB’s. EISC’s R&R Suite is middleware that focuses on increasing lab production while ensuring data quality and integrity by automating the analytical review, reporting and electronic data deliverables (including SEDD) with no change to the lab’s current analytical process.   The systems fully integrate with any instrumentation and technology, work with or without a LIMS, and streamline and automate the lab’s quality assurance process.   Now labs can simply download a Limited Trial Version Versionversion of the software and it is production ready.

“The scalability of the software enables EISC to provide solutions for lab data automation at every level of a lab’s operations whether it be for work considered low level and routine, high level with special methods and needs, or somewhere in between.   This, in conjunction with the flexibility of the systems, now allows us to be flexible in how we deliver the software to our clients, ” says Paul Banfer, VP of product technology.   Banfer continues, “What our clients have been asking for is a way to try it out and now they can.   It’s really about meeting their needs.”

EISC is a scientific software development company specializing in the automation of engineering and testing and analytical laboratory data production.   EISC’s products for analytical review and reporting, electronic data deliverables and electronic data validation are designed to facilitate the automatic processing of lab and engineering data.   All development focuses on providing a seamless transfer of information, regulatory compliance, increasing productivity, and maintaining quality assurance and data integrity.   For more information, visit .

EISC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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