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EISC Awarded Patent for Its Scientific Data Management System

June 6, 2006

Las Vegas, — EISC announced today that its SDMS for organic and inorganic laboratory automation of data quality and production, the Analytical Review and Reporting Suite (R&R Suite), has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Additional patents are pending along with international patents in seven countries.

US Patent No. 6,895,364 B2 issued to Paul Banfer and EISC, is entitled, “Materials Analytical Review & Reporting Software” and provides for automatic analytical review, reports and electronic data deliverables (EDDs). The R&R Suite, requires no change to a lab’s current analytical process, yet it directly and significantly increases lab production while ensuring data quality and integrity by automating all analytical review, reporting and EDDs (including SEDD). The scalable Suite includes systems for Metals, General Chemistry, Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles/HPLC, and Pesticides/PCBs. The system’s plug-n-play internet centric technology seamlessly integrate with any instrumentation and lab IT, work with or without a LIMS, and streamline and automate the quality assurance/quality control process providing the lab with one complete, consistent solution from analysis through to the client deliverable.

“EISC has always maintained that our approach and process for automatic access of data, data quality review, and the seamless generation of any type of report and EDD, no matter the market or format, is innovative and unique,” states Paul Banfer, VP/Product Technology. Inherent in the R&R Suite is its ability to assimilate and manage data from any number of disparate technical sources and formulate a consistent data quality and production process across all testing and analytical laboratories, regardless of the market diversity, applications or concerns. The systems process in the same manner whether the deliverable is CLP, CLP-Like, SW846, state water reports & EDDs, NPDES, AFCEE, CWA, RCRA, CERCLA or any other client specific or regulatory formats. “Therefore, it’s the perfect fit for any lab at any level of technology, producing any type of work.” Banfer also notes that this area, critical to a laboratory’s data quality, production, and therefore, revenues, is not completely addressed by another entity including LIMS and products referred to as forms generators. “What we have solved is the need for one complete process solution throughout the lab that lets chemists focus on the science of the lab and management focus on the business of the lab.”

With the suite’s plug-n-play internet centric technology, seamless integration with any instrumentation, LIMS and miscellaneous lab IT, EISC continues to be at the forefront of scientific data management and is directly aligned with today’s lab informatics needs as indicated by top industry executives. “Gone are the days of static software with little to no flexibility that require several staff members to travel on-site for programming, implementation and training”, says Banfer. “Even with today’s additional complexities, lab technology must meet the needs of the end-user. That means it has to be easy to access, easy to use, and easy to integrate.”

EISC is a scientific software development company specializing in the automation of engineering and analytical laboratory data production. EISC’s products for analytical review and reporting, electronic data deliverables and electronic data validation are designed to facilitate the automatic processing of lab and engineering data. All development focuses on providing a seamless transfer of information, regulatory compliance, increasing productivity, and maintaining quality assurance and data integrity. For more information, visit

EISC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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