Friday, February 23, 2018

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EISC Announces Scalability

The only suite of lab software designed to directly automate and increase lab production while ensuring data quality and integrity through data automation is now scalable. EISC’s Analytical Review & Reporting Suite (R&R Suite) not only provides one production solution across the entire lab (for volatiles, semi-volatailes/HPLC, pesticides/PCB’s, metals and general chemistry), but it’s scalability makes it the perfect fit for any lab, with any level of technical capability, producing any type of work. EISC ’s R&R Suite is middleware that focuses on increasing lab production while ensuring data quality and integrity by automating the analytical review, reporting and electronic data deliverables (including SEDD) with no change to the lab’s current analytical process.

“We’ve always been known more for our ability to effect the high level type of deliverable like CLP, AFCEE and SW846,” says Paul Banfer, VP of Product Technology. “Yet, a cross section of our client base shows EISC effecting lab production automation at every level of work being produced in the industry, whether it be for discharge monitoring, CLP-Like, level 1 & 2 reporting, and automatic edd’s. EISC used to provide our systems with everything a lab might need to produce any deliverable even if the lab wasn’t producing those deliverables. However, many of our clients didn’t need everything included in the system. So, our goal was to make our systems even more applicable to the industry’s total production needs by scaling the systems in order that our users implement only the technical elements they need to maximize lab efficiency. This way, the systems can meet all of a lab’s current deliverable needs then technically “grow” with the lab as the lab targets new clients and markets.”

EISC is a software development and consulting firm specializing in scientific data automation with expertise in LIMS Implementation/LIMS rescue, automatic instrument interfacing, data validation, data integrity, data quantitation, bar-coding, document imaging/warehousing, and general lab data management. It’s products and services are designed to facilitate the automatic processing of lab and engineering data. All development focuses on providing a seamless transfer of information, regulatory compliance, increasing productivity, and maintaining quality assurance and data integrity.

EISC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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