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EISC Announces R&R Suite Module for Pesticides & PCBs


January 2002

Las Vegas — EISC has formally announced the final module within its line of Analytical Review & Reporting software (the R&R Suite). This system, for Pesticides/PCBs, joins the Analytical Review & Reporting products for Metals, General Chemistry, Volatiles, and Semi-Volatiles/HPLC. Implemented together or as separate modules, the R&R Suite is comprised of software systems that perform automatic analytical review and reporting in any type of regulatory or client specific terms. The systems increase lab productivity, ensure data quality and integrity, reduce “re-work”, and eliminate backlog. While the software has countless advantages, its overwhelming benefits remain speed (in report production), flexibility (of its user definable components), and quick and easy implementation.

The latest release offers even greater flexibility as all systems can now process up to twelve (12) different client runs at once and a laboratory can essentially “self-define” its own system. This is achieved through the user’s ability to manage the lab’s own reporting lists, qc criteria, truevalue lists and qualifiers lists. Thus a laboratory can adjust the system to report a variety of statement of work criteria such as: OLM04.2, OLC03.2, ILM05.2, SW846, CLP-Like, AFCEE, DOD, or any other client specific reporting.

The overall benefit of the R&R Suite still remains its ability to directly and substantially decrease turnaround time without jeopardizing data quality. Paul Banfer, vice president of technology states, “the increase in productivity we’ve witnessed has been tremendous – with previous turnaround (at the analytical review and reporting stages) in production of a client package running anywhere from two to eight hours – being reduced to under 20 minutes. When you have that kind of impact on your company’s productivity – you canliterally change the way you do business because the focus on backlog and processing of data is eliminated. There is more opportunity to work on other areas of your business, including the immediate increase in market potential created by these products.”

In further discussing the software’s performance, Banfer points to its unique aspects, such as its dual module structure which provides both analytical review and client reporting capabilities within one system. He also notes that it is the only software that automatically performs the analytical review of an entire run, and does so within 90 seconds. Banfer further mentions that the R&R Suite also offers the ability to generate any type of client specific reporting and is fully networkable within the laboratory. He states that ease of implementation is another key feature, explaining that all configuration, training and support are provided via the internet.

In addition, Banfer believes that the R&R Suite are more preferred systems because it combines data by direct connections and uploads from preparation, analytical instruments and client information from the LIMS. This alone increases productivity and data quality by significantly reducing the risk of human error (manual entry of data is still an option, if required).

Environmental Information Systems, Corporation is a software development company providing products for the testing and analytical laboratory industry that directly increase production while maintaining data quality. All development focuses on providing a seamless transfer of information, regulatory compliance, increasing productivity and maintaining quality assurance and data integrity.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, EISC provides products and services nationwide.

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