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Beacon Environmental Selects EISC to Automate its Full Quality Assurance Deliverables

Las Vegas, NVEISC, experts in lab data automation solutions, was selected by Beacon Environmental Services, Inc. to automate its Level IV client deliverables. Beacon is a leader in soil gas surveys and vapor intrusion monitoring, and one of the few companies that provide this type of specialized testing and analysis.  In addition, Beacon provides full service support to environmental consultants and managers, from project design to post-survey analysis and data interpretation.

EISC automated Beacon’s volatiles production and client deliverable process with its Analytical Review & Reporting System (R&R Suite), in order to immediately meet soil gas standards and regulatory requirements as set forth by the EPA.  This included automating the instrument integration, quality assurance, automatic control charting, and report and EDD deliverable process including EQuiS, and Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) required by the EPA.  EISC automatically integrated the instrument raw data transfer from the lab’s Agilent GC/MS’s, bringing the raw data from these instruments to a central point for automated analytical review and Level IV (full) deliverable production.  The Level IV or full report and EDD deliverables include tune, calibration, preparation and client results.

Key to lab productivity, the R&R Suite bridges the functionality gap between analytical instrument raw data and the information that is delivered to the lab’s internal and external clients. Its seamless universal connectivity takes dynamic analytical instrument data and transforms it into comprehensive analytical information.  An automatic interface with any instruments and third party informatics creates a seamless process workflow that integrates all data to a central point for analytical production including automated instrument interfaces, quality assurance, deliverable/report generation, and/or electronic transfer of the information within the lab and across industries.

About EISC

Lab data automation experts providing patented informatics solutions for over 15 years.  Its universal connectivity platform automatically assimilates and summarizes dynamic analytical instrument data, transforming it into comprehensive analytical information used for sound scientific decision-making.  

About Beacon

Known for providing highly accurate and reliable soil gas and vapor intrusion data since 1991, the experts at Beacon have supported environmental consultants and managers on thousands of projects for the U.S. EPA, DoD, DoE, state agencies and commercial clients in over 45 states, as well as internationally.

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