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EQuIS EZ and other EDD’s auto generated from Shimadzu GCMS’s

No need for lab IT to develop EDD’s. Capabilities are instrument/IMS vendor neutral. EISC added EQuIS EZ and ECC EDMS Electronic Data Deliverable (EDDs) capabilities to the existing EISC EDD System for a DOD client.  The EISC EDD System allows non-IT personnel to develop EDDs to include into the production of the laboratory.

EISC Software Solution:  Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles Analytical Review & Reporting System (R&R), for more info. click here: (R&R Suite profile)

Instrumentation:  Shimadzu GCMS

Lab Location:  United States

Summary of Lab Services:  Landfill/Solid Waste, Assessment/Remediation, Wastewater/Drinking Water, and Industrial Process Control.

Laboratory Description of Services:   Over 50,000 projects a year and hundreds of thousands of individual tests. Typical projects include analytical investigations of soil, water, and air at RCRA, CERCLA, landfill, UST, drinking water, wastewater, commercial property transfer, remediation, and O&M sites. Clients include over 100 City, County, and State agencies; Federal agencies including the EPA, Navy, Air Force, and ACOE; many of the world’s largest environmental consulting firms; and dozens of commercial firms from small fabrication shops to huge breweries and theme parks.

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