Friday, February 23, 2018

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Bi-directional LIMS Connection

Integrated via EISC’s R&R Suite for LIMS query of client’s parameters of interest and information.  Then, transferring analytical reviewed results back to the LIMS.  Bi-directional communication with a LIMS for an international laboratory network.

EISC Software Solution:  Analytical Review & Reporting System (R&R Suite), for more info. click here: (R&R Suite profile)

Instrumentation:  Agilent GCMSs, LCMSs, and GCs

Lab Location:  Global

Summary of Lab Services:  Minerals, Life Sciences, Energy, and Industrial

Laboratory Description of Services:   Broad range of sophisticated, state-of-the-art services to four main markets: Minerals (Geochemistry, Metallurgy, Mine Site and Inspection); Life Sciences (Environmental, Food & Pharmaceutical, Animal Health and Electronics); Energy (Coal and Oil & Gas); Industrial (Asset Care and Tribology).  Processing more than 20 million samples per year, 13,000 staff operate from over 350 locations in 55 countries. Laboratories are strategically located around the world, operating in Australia, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and are one of the largest analytical laboratory groups in the world.

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