Friday, February 23, 2018

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Automating QA for EDD’s in visualization, trending, presentation

EISC‘s Paul Banfer, will speak at today’s DoD Environmental Monitoring & Data Quality Workshop.  Banfer will speak on automating the quality assurance process of  electronic deliverables and the different uses of electronic deliverables for visualization, trending, and presentation.

 “The sole purpose of quality control samples being analyzed with field samples, states Banfer,  is to ensure that no outside analytical bias has been introduced to the field sample’s analytical results.  Or, that at worst case, if an outside analytical bias has been introduced, that specific  bias is effectively communicated for consideration when applying the data for expert decision-making.  Verified and validated electronic deliverables ensure that sound decisions can be derived from the analytical data, and if the electronic deliverables are validated, the analytical results can and should be used for more than just compliance.”  Banfer notes that additional areas of application for electronic results include process control, visualization, trending and presentational uses.

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