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Shimadzu GCMS automation for DOD Reporting

EISC automated Shimadzu GCMS instruments for Volatile and Semi-Volatile DOD Reporting.  The automation included the transfer of GCMS raw data, processing with DOD requirements, automated Quality Assurance, and DOD Full Deliverables.  The DOD Full Deliverables includes results from the Tunes, Initial Calibrations, Continuing Calibrations, Standard Quality Control Samples, and Client Samples.  The process from instrument to report takes minutes.

EISC Software Solution:  Volatiles and Semi-Volatiles Analytical Review & Reporting System (R&R), for more info. click here: (R&R Suite profile)

Instrumentation:  Shimadzu GCMS

Lab Location:  United States

Summary of Lab Services:  Full Service Environmental Lab

Laboratory Description of Services:   Full Service Contract Testing Laboratory

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