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Analytical data automation for water treatment facility

For metals and general chemistry analysis, all analytical methods have automated Quality Assurance running through EISCs Review and Reporting System.  Processed analytical results are then summarized on 43 Discharge Monitoring Permits on Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly reports.  Automated Quality Assurance includes automated Primary, Secondary, and Managerial Review.

EISC Software Solution:  Click Here for more info on automated Discharge Monitoring Reports;   Analytical Review & Reporting System (R&R Suite), for more info. click here: (R&R Suite profile)

Instrumentation:  Agilent ICPMS, Cetac Hg, 6 OI Flow Meters, 2 Hach Spectrometers, 4 Dionex IC, 2 Mantech, 1 Mettler Balance, 3 Shimadzu TOCs

Lab Location:  United States

Summary of Lab Services:  Water Treatment Facility

Laboratory Description of Services:   Every day, more than 170 million gallons of used water and sewage from thousands of local homes, hotels, schools, churches and businesses make their way to one of three treatment facilities which are located in Clark County, Henderson, and Las Vegas. The “Clean Water Team” is responsible for the largest of those treatment facilities. Their  job is to treat, disinfect and reclaim our share of this massive amount of wastewater — 95 million gallons per day — and make it clean again so it can be safely returned to the environment.

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