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Seamless, universal connectivity of scientific raw, meta, and result data


EISC is a woman-owned life, material, and physical science informatics company dedicated to helping those in science automate and streamline electronic lab data workflows that get to discovery faster!   So, if you’re a lab Analyst, Chemist, Researcher, Quality Assurance Officer, Lab Manager/Director, CEO or Investor working to

  • keep your city’s water clean
  • analyze the nutritional content of the food we all eat
  • mine rare earth metals for the next big tech device we’ll all use
  • test the quality of this year’s best wine
  • manufacture nuclear and fossil fuel energy
  • develop a critical, life-saving drug
  • secure the homeland
  • pioneer new materials innovation
  • simply shoot for the moon in your quest to cure cancer
  • and more…

we’d love to hear about your most pressing analytical lab data challenge and help to uncover the greatest scientific breakthroughs in the lab…Yours.

We provide patented and proprietary laboratory data integration and automation solutions across multiple industries, ensuring analytical data integrity and compressing the timeline of the lab’s data lifecycle.  EISC’s universal connectivity platform automatically aggregates, assimilates and dynamically transforms analytical instrument data into comprehensive information within and between multiple industries. We bridge the functionality gap that exists between the analytical instrument raw, meta, and final result data delivered to the lab’s internal and external client or industry expert. EISC systems automatically interface with any analytical instruments and third party informatics to create a seamless process workflow that emphasizes data quality and speed to deliverable.  Our premiere mass customization technology allows the systems to be flexible to the user’s needs utilizing a modular and scalable approach, offering the perfect fit for any size lab, performing any type of work across multiple industries.

Automated quality assurance that facilitates real-time electronic analytical data traceability, defensibility, experiment replication, and exposes bias is our forte’.  So, whether you need an immediate instrument interface or a complete lab data automation and integration, our patented technology seamlessly bridges the functionality gap that exists in all analytical laboratories:  the chasm between analytical data source and knowledge…all within minutes.

Our software solutions apply across all industries and are compatible with all instruments and informatics.

We not only offer free product demos, live and recorded webinars, and contract opportunities, our customer support is second to none.



EISC Clients



Lab Data Automation for the Real World


Paul Banfer to Speak at NEMC 2017

August 1, 2017 Las Vegas, NVEISC  Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Paul Banfer, will speak at this year’s annual National Environmental Monitoring Conference in Washington, D.C. being held August 7-11th.  Banfer, an expert on analytical laboratory data informatics, will speak on the importance of an automated and electronic data workflow with built-in automated quality assurance and complete data traceability that facilitates the communication of scientific analytical data from data source to decision-maker.

A former board member for the EPA’s Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB), Banfer was instrumental in (more)

Paul Banfer to Speak at EUEC 2017

February 6, 2017 Las Vegas, NV: EISC Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Paul Banfer, will speak at this year’s annual Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference (EUEC 2017) in San Diego, February 8-10th. Banfer will speak on laboratory data informatics, specifically how implementing a seamless automation process for electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and Net Discharge Monitoring Reports (netDMRs) ensures compliance, thus significantly reducing potential discharge fines, penalties and exponential costs associated with negative public relations that occur with an (more)

EISC’s Paul Banfer to Present at SLAS 2014

January 16, 2014, Las Vegas, NV:  EISC Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Paul Banfer, will speak at this year’s annual Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS 2014) in San Diego, January 18th through the 23rd.  Banfer will present on laboratory informatics, specifically on establishing an efficient and effective approach to converting [More]

Beacon Environmental Selects EISC to Automate its Full Quality Assurance Deliverables
May, 2012: Las Vegas, NV — EISC, experts in lab data automation solutions, was selected by Beacon Environmental Services, Inc. to automate its Level IV client deliverables. Beacon is a leader in soil gas surveys and vapor intrusion monitoring, and one of the few companies that provide this type of specialized testing and analysis.  In addition, [More]

EISC Automates Analytical Lab Data Process for Environmental  Chemistry, Inc.
April 5:  Las Vegas — EISC, experts in lab data integration and automation, has automated the metals, volatiles and semi-volatiles analytical data production process for Environmental Chemistry, Incorporated (ECI) with its Analytical Review & Reporting system (R&R Suite).  The R&R Suite removed all manual entry of data within the lab’s analytical production process, performs full quality assurance automation, and transfers all reviewed analytical results to the LIMS.  The result is a significantly increase in the lab’s throughput by reducing its data production turnaround time from hours and days to within minutes.[More]

EISC’s Paul Banfer to Speak at 2010 Eastern Analytical Symposium on November 17th
November 12, 2010: Las Vegas –Paul Banfer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EISC Lab Data Automation, an international life sciences informatics company, will be a featured speaker on behalf of Thermo Scientific at the Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) on November 17th at the Garden State Exhibit & Convention Center in Somerset, NJ. EAS is held annually to provide professional scientists and students with continuing education in the analytical and allied sciences through the presentation of symposia of papers, workshops, and short courses. [More]

EISCFeatured at Thermo Fall 2010 Tour for Lab Productivity and 21 CFR
September 1, 2010: Las VegasEISC, experts in lab data integration and automation, will speak at Thermo Scientific’s free seminar tour from October 5th through November 4th. EISC’s MARRS™ for lab productivity and MARRS™ Assurance for data security will be featured in this half day, 3-Track Seminar Series offering access to the most advanced and innovative approaches to solving problems with Elemental Analysis, Chromatography, and Mass Spectometry. Thermo will review the latest technologies, applications and protocols designed specifically for maximizing laboratory performance by applying innovative software tools, novel new sample preparation and handling technologies, and implementation of advanced tools such as…. [More]



CancerResearchRacquet_logo_60x60 (2)EISC is a proud supporter of Rob Kinas and Cancer Research Racquet, a grassroots international (we love those two words together) effort that combines tennis, champagne and fundraising, and not necessarily in that order.  It’s an inclusive group (just like cancer), so whether you love the game, love champagne, care about the cause or all of the above, join us!  We’re out to fund cancer researchers with promising work who may not otherwise qualify for traditional funds, but could just be the next breakthrough we all need.   Just as we bridge the gap between instrument data and life science knowledge, EISC wants to bridge the gap between researcher and donor and have fun in the process.  Join us as we have a front seat at the most fabulous tennis events around the world (can you say “French Open”?), the finest in endless champagne fountains (pour on!) and the greatest people you’ll ever meet!   For more info, click here.


Ryan Honaker head shot (2)Ryan Honaker, Stanford University who’s cancer research is being funded by Cancer Research Racquet via American   Cancer Society’s “Pay-If” program.  Click here for more info on Ryan and his groundbreaking work!



Bryan Bryan Mitton, MD, PhD grew up in Mississippi and received his B.S. in Cell and Structural Biology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Bryan was also funded by Cancer Research Racquet via American   Cancer Society’s “Pay-If” program. Click here to learn more about Bryan and his amazing research!





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